Ponemon 2013 Live Threat Intelligence Impact Report

As cyberattacks and fraud continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, organizations are placing a greater emphasis on cyberthreat intelligence as a way to protect against compromise, data breach, and losses from online fraud. Measuring the true value of threat intelligence has been difficult however.  

For the first time the Ponemon Institute has conducted a study that reveals the facts behind the impact that weak threat intelligence is having on organizations. 

 Among the key findings: 

  • Lack of live cyberthreat intelligence costs enterprises an average of $10 million over 12 months
  • If respondents had actionable intelligence about cyberattacks within 60 seconds of a compromise, they could reduce this cost on average by $4 million (40%)
  • 60 percent were unable to stop exploits because of outdated or insufficient threat intelligence

This comprehensive study reveals the financial damage that slow, outdated and insufficient threat intelligence is inflicting on global enterprises and how live threat intelligence provides the ability to better defend against compromises, breaches and exploits. 


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